Archidata was founded in 1995 by Dominique Dubuc, the founder and president who originally envisioned a link between the graphic and alphanumerical worlds. In the contextual background of a numerical and GIS intelligence, Archidata's current mission is to help companies transition to the BIM era by converting all 2D existing building data to 3D/BIM.

For more than twenty years, Archidata has worked to develop a web-based software for real estate management. Information extracted from plans is leveraged to build a database for the management of buildings or real estate portfolios. Today, the Archidata Solution is the most complete on the market.

An important part of our mission is optimizing the client experience. The Archidata team is dedicated to helping clients understand and navigate within the Archidata Solution.

Research and Development

Research and development are closely linked to Archidata's mission. This business strategy keeps Archidata as a leader on the market and lets all its clients benefit from research results and, consequently, the ongoing improvement of the Archidata Solution.

Archidata’s R&D is focused on providing tools to help property managers make sense of Big Data by mapping it on floor plans and 3D models.


Dominique Dubuc

Founder and President

Founder, president and passionate entrepreneur for over thirty years, Mr. Dominique Dubuc maintained a steady heading for his company throughout the ups and downs of the information technology industry. Mr. Dubuc combined to his real-world experience two diplomas in architecture from distinguished universities: a bachelor's degree from Laval University (1982) and a master's degree from McGill University (1994).

Mr. Dubuc started his career in a well-respected Montreal architectural firm as chief of the computer department. He conducted the implementation of the first CAD system and managed the migration from traditional architecture to the computer information age. At the same time, Mr. Dubuc was a teacher in the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and a computer advisor for the Quebec government.

In 1987, Dominique Dubuc started his first company. Throughout the years, he has found a market niche developing software for property management. In order to carry out his vision, Archidata was founded in 1995, now a leader in North America in the property management business field.

Louise Morgan

Executive Vice-President and Partner

Ms. Louise Morgan is the Executive Vice-President and partner since 2005. She is the head of sales, marketing, strategic alliances and international affairs. Ms. Morgan has over twenty-five years of experience in business and software development with public and private companies, federal government and international organizations in the telecom and IT sectors.

Louise Morgan is a member of BOMA (Business Owners and Managers Association) Toronto and BOMA Quebec, as well as a member of CoreNet Global Canada Leadership Committee, Montreal Chapter.

Ms. Morgan holds a BCom with a specialization in international marketing from the University of Ottawa (1990).

Geneviève Tremblay

Vice-President, Operations and Development

Ms. Geneviève Tremblay is part of the Archidata team since 2002. She has held many positions in the company including analyst and technical writer.

Ms. Tremblay is Vice-President of Development and Operations and the link between clients and the production and technical teams. Furthermore, she collaborates with the research team for the ongoing improvement of the Archidata Solution.

Ms. Geneviève Tremblay has a master's degree in anthropology from Montreal University (2005).

Dominic Tremblay

Vice-President - Design

Mr. Dominic Tremblay has worked with Mr. Dubuc for more than twenty years. Trained in mathematics and gifted with a great visual sense, he is involved in the creation of Archidata Solution's user interface, web languages and modelling tools.

Mr. Tremblay is Vice-President, Design.

Mr. Tremblay has two bachelor's degrees from the University of Quebec in Montreal, one in Mathematics (1985) and the second one in Environmental Design (1990).

Isabelle Tremblay

Vice-President, Major Accounts Training Director

Ms. Isabelle Tremblay has worked for Archidata since 2006. Her experience touches different sectors such as human resources, customer service, project coordination and creation and deployment of training programs.

Her versatility and her attention to details are key skills she uses when reviewing management processes to ensure a good organization. Her concern for clients' needs and her communication skills makes her a proficient trainer.

Ms. Tremblay holds a bachelor's degree in anthropokinetics (1987).

Constance Dubuc

Director of Innovation

Constance participates and oversees R&D projects aimed at developing new processes and innovative tools allowing managers of large real estate portfolios to benefit from advances in BIM. She works closely with clients to support them in their BIM transition by adjusting to the extent of their digital ambition.

Archidata has been preparing for the BIM transition for over 15 years now and Constance has worked with commercial property owners and health care clients with complex assets. She also secured funding from a European innovation program and managed the R&D project involving three partners on building software data mapping in digital twins.

Ms. Dubuc holds a doctorate degree in anthropology from Montreal University (2011).

Archidata Team and Office


You wish to take on empowering challenges and be part of a young, dynamic and multicultural team?

Benefits for all employees:

  • Group insurance plan (employer contribution)
  • Voluntary retirement savings plan (employer contribution)
  • Possibility of flexible working schedule
  • Gym in the same building, on the same floor
  • Shower (active transportation)
  • Coffee, espresso, tea
  • Social activities
  • COVID-19 measures. We are recognized as an essential service by the Government of Quebec. To protect our employees and the community, we have equipped our offices (Plexi, products, signage, health protocol). We divided employees into two groups between the workplace and teleworking.

To submit your application, send us your curriculum vitae with a cover letter to the following address: admin@archidata.com


System Analyst .NET and/or AutoCad


  • Develop Archidata’s software
  • Detect and correct bugs
  • Develop and write documentation for procedures and developments
  • Support hardware, infrastructure and network management
  • Work alone and in consultation with actors from different disciplines
  • Manage system databases
  • Manage software versions and their standardization
  • Ensure quality


  • Bachelor in Computer Sciences or related studies
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in software development
  • Experience with Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Experience with HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, JSON
  • Proven SQL skills: ability to develop and write in SQL
  • Development experience with Visual Studio 2015 and up
  • Proficiency in both official languages, spoken and written

Junior Software Developer


  • Maintain the existing system
  • Redevelop the system on .NET platform
  • Manage software updates
  • Manage system databases
  • Manage software versions and their standardization
  • Work alone and in consultation with actors from different disciplines


  • Diploma of College Studies (CEGEP) in computer science
  • Knowledge of HTML and Javascript languages
  • Knowledge of ASAP, SQL, .NET, FoxPro and LISP languages an asset
  • Ability to adapt to a new environment
  • Bilingualism an asset (French / English)

Customer Service Agent


Archidata is looking for a customer service agent to maintain an excellent client relationship for national major account. If you are looking for a position that goes from communicating with the client to meticulous work of document organization and you have sought the smooth running of a small business, this offer is for you.

Client Support

  • Answer to the various requests of English and French speaking clients
  • Registrations of new users, changes, or cancellations of access
  • Help in using the Archidata platform by phone (teleguiding) and by email (custom explanations)
  • Search for plans for users
  • Participate in the web interface tests

Training Support

  • Register and manage users invited to the training
  • Support participants on the day of the training
  • Write and update Quick-reference cards

Documentation Support

  • This function includes the classification and description (data entry) of documents, engineering and architectural drawings using an Archidata software to populate the client application.


  • Collegiate or university
  • 1 to 2 years of experience
  • Proficiency of MS Office, Outlook, Teams
  • Self-determination, organization, great concern for accuracy and detail
  • Good judgment and resourcefulness
  • Ability to ask questions and find solutions
  • English spoken and written at a very high level is required


Project manager


  • Analyze and modify architectural and engineering plans
  • Learn software developed by Archidata to archive plans and manage spaces and equipment
  • Monitor the quality of management data produced for the client
  • Manage and monitor projects
  • Support research and development of information and geomatics systems (test and comment on new applications)
  • Conduct “as-built” field surveys


  • Bachelor degree in Architecture or related studies
  • Extensive knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Good understanding of building plans
  • Bilingualism an asset (French/English)

Assistant Archivist


  • Archivist function

    • Classification and description of documents (data entry), engineering and architectural plans using company document management software.
    • Ensure the proper functioning of the document management system.
    • Internal archiving of the company.

    Administrative function

    • Receive and transfer calls, greet visitors, manage supplies.
    • Support for accounting, filing, digitization
    • Storage of common areas, recycling, petty cash.
    • Maintenance of COVID-19 health measures.


  • Collegiate in Technical Documentation, Archival and/or Administration, or related field
  • 1 to 2 years of experience
  • Mastery of MS Office (Excel and Outlook)
  • Autonomy, organization, punctuality, concern for a job well done
  • Bilingualism (English/French) is an asset

Working hours

  • The Assistant Archivist work schedule is 35 hours per week. The person must be present at the front desk from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding an hour lunch break), Monday to Friday, without the possibility of a flexible work hours.

Privacy of personal data

In accordance with Quebec Law 25 on the confidentiality of personal data, Archidata commits to respect the personal data of its users and to put in place specific measures to ensure their protection. The data we collect is processed transparently in accordance with current regulations. We only use them for the purposes for which they were collected, namely the proper functioning of our websites and the analysis of browsing data.

What types of personal data are collected by the Archidata Solution?
Archidata collects the minimum amount of information about users of its platform: their name, company name, professional email (required) and professional telephone number (optional). This data is used exclusively to be able to contact users regarding their actions on the Archidata platform (for example, sending automated orders or approval requests by email, contact by email or telephone regarding a connection problem, etc.). This data is in no way used for solicitation and is not shared with third parties.

Does the Archidata Solution use cookies on its site?
Archidata uses session cookies on the Archidata Solution. Cookies are small files that are saved on the user's device (smartphone, computer, tablet) and which allow communication with a server. Session cookies are temporary and only last during the user's visit to the Website; they are destroyed when disconnecting from the site. These cookies act as trackers to allow a user's progress to be followed from page to page.
Please note that no cookies are used on the Archidata corporate site.

How are session cookies used in the Archidata Solution?
In the Archidata Solution, session cookies are used to control users' access and editing rights to modules and portions of the site. Their purpose is to protect the integrity of our customers’ database.
Session cookies are linked only to the user's ID and work email address (required) and work phone number (optional).

Why does the Archidata Solution not ask for consent and offer cookie personalization options?
The type of cookies used by the Archidata Solution do not require consent or personalization because they are strictly necessary for the operation of the website and are used to provide a service that has been explicitly requested by users.
Archidata wishes to reassure users of its Solution: cookies are destroyed upon disconnection so that no data is retained. In addition, cookies are only linked to the user's Archidata identifier, no other data is associated with them.

How are the accounts of past users who have become inactive on the Archidata Solution managed?


Procedure at the time of account closure

Use of data after account closure


All (required)

Name and password changed to prevent login

Used to keep track of change histories. If a user is deleted, all actions they have performed on the site will be deleted along with the account. Deletion is therefore impossible.

Business email

All (required)

Email address changed

Business phone


Deleted phone number


How is client data managed by Archidata?
Archidata has contact information for current, past and potential clients. These people can be contacted for billing, to transfer news to Archidata, to send birthday wishes. This information is under no circumstances shared with third parties or transferred outside of Quebec.
Any person contacted can write at any time to ask to be removed from the mailing list and to destroy the information.

How to find out more?
To learn more about our enhanced privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Officer:
Isabelle Tremblay
Vice-President, Major Accounts

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