Archidata is proud to announce its partnership with Microsoft Azure Maps Creator!

About Microsoft Azure Maps Creator

Azure Maps Creator is a platform of geospatial APIs for application developers that is now entering the world of indoor mapping with Creator.

It’s a great challenge! Indeed, the universe of interior location is very different from that of exterior mapping for several reasons:

  • Unlike maps, floor plans are private documents containing privileged information that is not in the public domain
  • The formats of architectural documents are very varied (paper plan, AutoCAD drawing, PDF, Revit model), sometimes with a combination of formats for the same building, or even a floor
  • Buildings indoor spaces change very often - infinitely faster than the outside environment!
  • Buildings can have multiple floors above and below ground � the exterior GIS cannot be used indoors

The objective is to offer for the indoor universe the same functionalities that you use to circulate: find the best routes, search for points of interest, know the areas to avoid, etc. It is also to connect the interior and exterior universes, for example to facilitate movement from one room to another between two buildings on the same site, campus or sector, or follow the movement of mobile equipment.

To allow the creation of applications bringing GIS inside buildings, Azure Maps Creator joins the expertise of several partners and brings them together on the same secure cloud platform.

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