In the context of digital intelligence and geomatics, Archidata's mission is to develop innovative tools and processes to facilitate the management of your real estate portfolio throughout the building lifecycle


Your building spatial data updated for your entire portfolio


Your digital transition from 2D to 3D, easy and fast


Your space data automatically updated in your real estate software


Time and Money Savings

  • Leverage your CAD and Revit
  • Convert your CAD to BIM
  • Use fewer suppliers
  • Have access to exact surface areas and volumes needed for purchasing
  • Reduce operating expenses during the building life cycle (evacuation plans, site plans, key floor plans, space and equipment reports, etc.)
  • Reduce time to generate occupancy reports for chargebacks
  • Reduce construction time and errors with a collaborative tool and online approval system


With the Archidata Solution, you optimize

  • leasing revenue with precise gross leasing and rentable areas
  • energy efficiency by using exact volumes and knowing usage of each space
  • performance of maintenance personnel with the geolocation of equipment and associated documentation available online
  • space utilization with an accurate inventory
A Completw Solution

Web platform
Implementation, support and updates
Expertise on measurement standards and BIM
Personalized customer service
Research and development

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