The Archidata Solution provides universities, colleges and school boards with an accurate inventory of their spaces (types of rooms) and equipment (HVAC, electrical, finishes, etc.) in 2D and 3D, updated after each project.

By leveraging drawings and Revit files, facility managers always have accurate data for planning, wayfinding, procurement, energy efficiency, maintenance, cleaning, etc. The Archidata Building Dashboard is a single-window for all data and drawings, making sure that planning, facility management and construction groups all work with the same data.  

  • Production of SILC, SILU and COU reports for the Ministry
  • Production of master plans with departments/faculties and rooms
  • Management of equipment on floor plans with links to preventive maintenance systems
  • Automatic generation of evacuation plans and emergency routes


  • Maintenance of market value of assets
  • Updated data throughout the life cycle of the building
  • Production of reports from certified data
  • Improved communication between management teams
  • Better decision-making
  • Reliable data shared between management systems
  • Centralized information for each building
  • Organization, visualization, annotation and printing of plans
  • Inventories of equipment (computer, furniture, etc.), construction material, electrical and mechanical systems, telecom, etc..
  • Less AutoCad or REVIT licenses needed
  • Better space management
  • Better team communication
  • Cost reduction related to preventive and sanitary maintenance
  • Fast project startup
  • Centralized information for all ongoing projects
  • Simplified access to follow-ups on all ongoing projects
  • Faster plan retrieval
  • Fast access to the most recent version of plans and documents
  • Better communication between work teams
  • Time saved in planning, tracking and approval of plans and documents
  • Cost savings on printing and shipping of plans and documents
  • Management of functional and technical programs

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